MARTIN/The Republican Party is at a crossroads

MARTIN/The Republican Party is at a crossroads


The Republican Party is at a crossroads.  We have to decide in which direction to go. Do we lean into the youth vote and focus on our social media strategies and try to take more action or do we stay on the same path we are on and focus on the past generation and their reliability as voters?

It is a question that must be answered soon. With the 2024 election cycle approaching, the party cannot let the mistake of 2020 happen again. If the GOP does not regain control of the White House, I believe the party will face grave devastation. 

In 2020 the Democrats came up with a new strategy. They embraced the radical ideology of the woke generation and when they did this, they did it as one unified party. Focused on the young vote they targeted social media, stayed up to date on trends, remained unified, and selected younger candidates with better quality (except one).  While I disagree with every position of the woke generation, I give them credit for their undying call for action. Doing nothing or having a committee meeting just to never talk about the issue again is no longer a fact the new generation will accept. While they are completely misguided, their tenacity is encouraging. 


The GOP must evolve, we must come out of our backroom meetings and face our issues head on. Young politically active people, like myself, find ourselves asking “Why don’t more young people join the GOP or get involved”, and the answer is clear, because we tend to not take as much action as the Left. While we have taken swift and decisive action in the past, everything we have acted on has been of significant importance to the nation and merited such a response. However, the career politicians that skulk in the halls of Congress will act on every single issue no matter how small, simply to appease that same tenacity of the youth they have started to pander to. In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton from 2020 “never waste a good crisis”.

In the next 20 years, the generation that is leading the GOP will be gone and it will be up to the young voters of today to ensure that the principles we have fought so hard for are still around. Unfortunately, the party does not respond well to change; it’s what we are built on, and that’s not a bad thing. We want things done the old way, the right way. Financial conservatism, traditional marriage, sanctity of life, and limited government. These principles are the foundation of the Republican Party, and each one implies a form of traditionalism.  

Here’s the problem: the radical left noticed the change in the woke generation first. They figured out how to exploit the ever-changing and impressionable mind of a young person in order to further their agenda. Through critical race theory, affirmative action, and the liberalization of the education system the Left has been able to groom the future voters they know they need. 

But the answer is simple, we have to be able to beat them at their own game. With the GOP regaining control of the U.S. House we have been able to fend off the woke education policies that the left was pushing. Because of those House Republicans our party was able to come to the nation’s aid and save our students from liberal education initiatives solely designed to push a narrative. The Supreme Court is about to overturn affirmative action policies and the Mississippi Senate just voted to decline the nomination of one of the most radical state Superintendents of Education we have ever seen. 


The Party must unite. The Left is crazy but they are crazy together. Something in which the party is struggling with. We must come together as Republicans and put aside our small differences and start playing a better ground-game with young voters; I believe we will see a conservative resurgence, much to the likes of Ronald Reagan. We are strong, as strong as we have ever been. With the help of the Republican House, the conservative high court, and the protections from our Republican Governors the new GOP will be able to form. A party composed of young people, free from outrageous conspiracies and divisive rhetoric will bring about the Conservative Resurgence. I look forward to this day. I will always be a proud Republican.  

Ty Martin is a senior at Neshoba Central. He currently serves as the Vice-Chairman for the Mississippi Teenage Republicans as well as President and CEO of Martin Strategies. Reach him at

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