March 24, 1944

The opening of a new hospital for the treatment of venereal diseases by the United States Public Health Service in cooperation with the Mississippi State Board of Health at Greenwood was announced by Dr. Felix J. Underwood, executive officer of the Mississippi State Board of Health on Thursday.

Mr. H. E. Blount, owner of Blount's Dairy, said this week that sometime between March 13 and March 17 eight head of grown springer cows mysteriously disappeared from his pasture.


March 25, 1954

Speaking under the sponsorship of the Community Service Club with Tom King as chairman, Mayor Normal Johnson, Jr. told Rotarians Monday of the city operation, and proposals for future street improvements. Mr. Johnson was introduced by Rotarian E. V. Buckley.

Three more communities in Neshoba County have gone over the top in the Red Cross drive according to County Chairman Clarence Mitchell. 

     March 26, 1964    

A local and private act passed by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Mississippi legislature last week was signed by Gov. Paul Johnson authorizing the Board of Trustees of the Neshoba County General Hospital to transfer $165,000 from the old Neshoba County Hospital funds, and authorizing the Board of Supervisors to expend those funds as its pro rata share of the cost of constructing a convalescent and nursing home here. 

March 28, 1974

Garan Inc has announced the appointment of Julious W. Barrett as manager of its Philadelphia plant.

March 28, 1984

The old teen hang out is gone, gone the way of the five for a dollar hamburgers and 15 cent french fries once sold there. But for A.P. Culpepper, who owned and managed the place for teens to see and be seen from 1963 to 1975, pleasant memories still linger.

March 30, 1994  

The new Wal-Mart Supercenter is expected to open in early 1995, said Susan Hocklander, public relations officers at Wal-Mart's corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.


March 24, 2004

A man wearing a ski mask robbed a fast food restaurant early Saturday morning as an employee was about to get in their car with the night deposit, the authorities said. This is the third armed robbery this month. 


March 26, 2014

A Meridian-based consulting firm was hired by the city School Board to assist with the search for a new superintendent. In addition, the School Board hosted three meetings last week for parents, faculty, and stakeholders to voice their opinions about what qualities the new superintendent should possess.

Rejecting a casino in the Red Water community of Leake County will cost the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians $20 million in new revenue and 170 jobs, Chief Phyllis J. Anderson declared after the 10-6 vote on Friday.

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