Youth select basketball league established, beginning in June

Youth select basketball league established, beginning in June


Area Wide Youth Sports Elite out of Philadelphia, which previously offered just football and cheerleading, has created a youth basketball league that will run from June 10 to August 12 this.

WYSE was created to give parents an inexpensive youth sports option. Chief Executive Officer Greg Fulton said the organization offers minimal travel times and a voice in the organization for the parents.

“We’ve tried to dial down a plan of basketball affordability,” Fulton said. “We have an elite basketball plan, high school rules, but the whole thig is affordability for parents to have an opportunity to participate. No disrespect AAU because it is needed, but we want to channel it down to give them the same experience with less cost.”

The basketball league will offer teams for boys aged 7 through 9, 10 through 12, and 13 through 15, as well as  13 through 15 group for girls. More groups will be added to the girls division next year.

The Philadelphia teams will compete in a league with teams from Newton, Carthage and Kemper County. Philadelphia’s home games will be played at the Philadelphia High School gym.

The organization promotes its code of conduct which features a clear big bag policy and does not allow profanity. Fulton said. Parents are free to give their opinions on issues at meetings, and he wants them to be able to be heard as individuals.

“We want people to know that if you come and participate inside this organization, you will be treated fairly, questions will be answered, voices will be heard, your opinions will be accepted,” said Fulton.

Tryouts have been held and the teams have been selected.

“The boys just flock in,” AWYSA Commissioner George Gill said. “It’s kind of harder to get the girl’s team built up, but next year no doubt. No later than next year we should have the girls in full force.”

AWYAE also offers football and cheerleading, which begins in September. The organization offers competitive football to youth in East Mississippi. Age groups foe football and cheerleading are 4 through 6, 7 through 8, 9 through 10, and 11through 12.

“You don’t have to do all that traveling,” Fulton said. “You can play the same caliber football right here in our surrounding communities.”

Interested parents and guardians can contact Fulton at 601-650-8301 or Gill at 601-416-7993, or Director of Operations Lonnie Henry at 769-226-2203.

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