27 arrests in large-scale Neshoba narcotics operation

27 arrests in large-scale Neshoba narcotics operation


A year-long narcotics investigation by local, state and federal authorities netted 27 arrests in Neshoba County Friday morning, Sheriff Eric Clark announced at the Courthouse this afternoon. Ten more people are considered fugitives.

In a press release, Sarah Loicano, Public Affairs Officer U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the following were arrested:

• Jamie Abel

• John Netherland

• Marquail Finley

• Jason Hatton

• Mike Lee

• John Harvey

• Nikki Landrum

• Angela Singleton

• Tomas ‘TJ’ Wilkerson

• Dusty Cain

• Barco Davis

• Donamecia Carter

• Darrell Purfoy

• Mikey Warren

• Parish Clark

• Jason Tucker

• Robert Germany

• Michael Bryant

• Richard Chat Cumberland

• Jessica Jones

• Brandon Clark

• James Germany

• Edwin Malone

• Malissa Williamson

• Robert “Rob” Donald

• Roventaey Peden

Considered fugitives are the following, the authorities said:

• Shaun Dougherty

• Dexter MaGee

• Caleb Smith

• Martin Lowery

• Christopher Donald

• Mahogany Clemons

• Jacoby Lewis

• Timothy Steward

• Jaedeius “Dee” Peebles

• Entony Burnside

The investigation, dubbed Operation High Life, included members of the Philadelphia Police Department as well. Authorities said the investigation had been ongoing for about a year and a half.

"This was a team effort to complete a mission to make Neshoba County and the city of Philadelphia a safer place to live and raise our kids," Clark said.

Clark said that $6,000 in cash, eight firearms and a small amount of drugs were seized. He said that those targeted were responsible for moving a significant amount of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana throughout Neshoba County.

HSI New Orleans acting Special Agent in Charge Jack Staton also spoke. He said that before his post in New Orleans he had worked in El Paso, Texas, dealing with drugs coming over the United States-Mexico border. He said no community is immune to drug abuse and related violence.

"Today we took dangerous drugs off the street that came here through the border," Staton said. 

Clark said the operation began around 5 a.m. Friday with a number of officers from roughly 12 different agencies in a rural part of the county.

"There were a lot of different agencies with a lot of different patches out there," Clark said.

He said they started with 100 warrants on more than 35 individuals. By lunch he said they had "spread the word" and had brought in 25 of their targets. 

Clark said that by the time of a 1:30 p.m. press conference at the courthouse another had been pulled over and arrested by a Sheriff's deputy and another had turned himself in. Officials said that roughly nine individuals are still at large and more arrests are expected.

Deputy Attorney General Mary Helen Wall also addressed the audience which included Mayor James Young and Supervisor Kevin Cumberland.

Wall said Attorney General Lynn Fitch's office is working with investigations like High Life to reduce the harm done by drug abuse and drug-related violence.  

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