Trailer deemed unsafe for travel Saturday on Deemer Road

Trailer deemed unsafe for travel Saturday on Deemer Road


A crew pulling a dilapidated trailer down Deemer Road on Saturday was cited for numerous violations.

Department of Transportation officials have shut down the moving operation, according to Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark.

A deputy stopped the large truck after receiving several calls that it was traveling down Deemer Road, was blocking traffic, and had debris flying into the roadway.

He said the call came in at about 11:45 a.m. on Saturday, April 27.

The deputy made the stop near where Road 505 meets Road 446.

The truck that was moving the modular home, Clark said, did not meet operating requirements for lighting, registration, insurance, tires, or permit and the driver lacked the proper licenses to drive the commercial vehicle legally. 

Clark said there were also issues with how the trailer was connected to the truck in addition to the reports of the debris.

“This truck was a liability to not only the crew that was moving it but also to the citizens of Neshoba County by traveling on the road in such an unsafe manner,” Clark said. 

The deputy also encountered a Ford F250 following the moving truck. The F250 had no tag and lacked the proper equipment to accompany the larger truck, Clark said, and the driver did not have the proper licenses.

Clark said both drivers were cited with a number of traffic citations and were escorted back to where they started near Deemer Church of Jesus Name on Road 505. 

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