Supes improving Coliseum

Supes improving Coliseum


Improvements to the Neshoba County Coliseum that will help with disaster response, as well as routine operational issues, continue.

The Board of Supervisors on Monday approved two payments totaling $372,708 to J & J Contractors as part of the work. 

“This project will accomplish several things to aid in preparation for future emergency and disaster events as well as routine operational issues,” said County Administrator Jeff Mayo.

A new storage area on the south side will allow convenient access to coliseum equipment without the need to navigate around the building. Additionally, it will provide covered loading and unloading during inclement weather when the floor is down, and vehicle access is restricted.

The HVAC enhancements involve replacing package units, converting heating to LP gas for efficiency, and replacing an obsolete split system on the coliseum's back side. 

Also, the addition of four showers on the back side of the building will enhance emergency shelter capability and event functionality. In conjunction with the showers, Supervisors are exploring the possibility of adding a commercial washer and dryer that would provide amenities for shelter but will need a significant water heater. 

According to officials, code requirements mandate a sprinkler system for the storage addition, and a dry system will be used to prevent freezing, but limited water supply to the building poses a challenge to comply with the six-inch supply capacity called for. 

An outdated fire alarm panel still functions but according to the original installer does not have parts available for repair, so expansion to include the new sprinkler system is not possible officials say.

“We have explored upgrading the fire alarm panel system previously, but that cost is anticipated to be $20,000 or more,” Mayo said.

The project began in late October and has a one-year contract period. However, officials say they expect earlier completion contingent on weather conditions, as the contractor is making great progress. 

In other action, supervisors voted to:

• Approve the termination of Brandon Rush as part-time deputy with the Sheriff’s Department effective Jan. 3;

• Approve hiring Julian Willis as a deputy sheriff at $19.75 an hour effective Jan. 15;

• Accept the resignation of deputy Lavon Ball effective Feb. 1;

• Approve hiring Benjamin McDaniel as a part-time correctional officer at the jail at $13 an hour effective Jan. 10;

• Approve hiring Terry Hill as a CDL truck driver with the Road Department at $16 an hour;

• Approve an order appointing Erin Land as Judge Kirk’s Court Administrator effective Dec. 1 at $67,540 per year plus benefits. Neshoba County is responsible for 20% of costs above AOC Judges Support Staff Funds;

• Approve appointing Josh Burt as Emergency Management Director, Fire and 9-1-1 Coordinator effective upon the retirement of Darrell Wilson at the end of March;

• Approve Burks-Mordecal Builders payment application totaling $122, 716 for EMA Storage Building Project;

The next meeting of the Board will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

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