Supes donate to Booker T. gym

Supes donate to Booker T. gym


The Board of Supervisors authorized a $1,000 disbursement to the City of Philadelphia for the Booker T. Washington Gymnasium HVAC Project during their regular meeting on Sept. 5.

The Rev. Johnny Beckwith estimates that $220,000 should be more than enough to complete the air conditioning project for the gym. Over $30,000 has been raised so far by the Community in Action group of which Beckwith is a member, and he urges all those who can support to do so as all donations will be greatly appreciated.  

“Let us do something now, the city has done its fair part in my opinion. It’s time for us to not have our hands out and it’s time for us to give. It’s our chance to step up and donate,” said Beckwith.

Those who donate will have their names put into a prominent place inside the Booker T. Washington building as a legacy that shows forever that they gave back to the community in a big way, Beckwith said.

In other actions, supervisors voted to:

• Approve a service fee from the Regional Organized Crime Information Center to the Sheriff’s Department for $300. 

• Approve pay increases for Deputy Patrick Burt and Gerald Willis for Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement Certification at $1 more per hour, and a pay increase of $1 more per hour to Amanda Wilkerson.

• Approve a transfer request of three decommissioned patrol units to Neshoba County Schools for security use. 

• Approve the repair of two damaged Ford SUVs for the Sheriff’s Department in the total amount of $11,465 to Elite Collison, and accepted insurance proceeds of $3,508.

• Accept terminations of Monicha Carter and Christian Roberson and approved the employment of Mallory Miller as Correctional Officer at the county jail.

• Approve the employment of Gordan Adkins as a full-time Investigator at the Sheriff’s Office. 

• Approve a custom paving invoice for July and August reseal work for $597,283 and approved reseal work invoice to Crowder Engineering for $59,728.

• Accept the resignation of Elise Hutchinson and approve the hiring of Gena Hill as telecommunicator for Emergency Management. 

• Approve a travel request for the Emergency Management staff to attend the Mississippi Civil Defense Emergency Management Association’s Mid-Winter Education Conference in Bay St. Lous. 

• Approve travel request for Circuit Clerk Patti Duncan Lee to attend the Clerk’s Convention.

• Approve travel to the MS Association of Supervisors New Supervisor Orientation and Pac-Mac Expo.

• Approve a transfer of funds in the amount of $521,692 to the general fund for CDBG project startup costs for the Neshoba General Nursing Home Renovation Project.

• Approve Perry Construction invoice for the CDBG project totaling $363,919.

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