Supes accept term bids

Supes accept term bids


The Board of Supervisors on Monday accepted term bids through 2025.

A total of 16 bids were opened for various commodities and services, including bridge materials, roadside spraying, crushed limestone and riprap, road gravel, iron/steel slag, polyethylene culvert pipes, corrugated metal pipes, tank car culverts, herbicides, hot mix asphalt, liquid asphalt, prime coat emulsion, inmate meals, portland cement, soil stabilizing/road reclaiming, and hauling services for road materials.

Supervisors took the bids under advisement until their next meeting on July 17.

“The lowest and best bidders will be selected at the next meeting to provide these services starting July 1,” said County Administrator Jeff Mayo. The county’s fiscal year runs from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025.

In other action, supervisors voted to:

• Approve hiring Colton Lewis as deputy sheriff effective May 28 at $18 per hour;

• Approve transitioning Gordon Adkins from full-time deputy sheriff to part-time effective May 3;

• Approve paying the Regional Organized Crime Information Center annual service fee from July 2024-July 2025 in the amount of $300 for the Sheriff’s Department;

• Approve an easement and drainage work for John Webb’s property on Road 416;

• Approve paying a Custom Paving invoice for asphalt placed through May 29 for 2,106.84 tons leveling and 1,290.56 tons overlay at the cost of $611,532;

• Approve paying Crowder Engineering invoice in the amount of $48,922 for work completed on the county reseal project;

• Approve two Central Water Association permit requests for a road bore along Road 339 and a road crossing on Road 2638;

• Approve advertising for a bid for construction of soil-cement roadway base on Road 448. The bid will be returnable on Monday, July 15;

• Approve a pay increase of $1 per hour for deputy chancery clerk Ashley Duran;

• Approve the removal of three inventory items from the circuit clerk’s office: Fujitsu FI-6130Z Scanner, HP LaserJet Printer, and HP LaserJet Printer Pro 401;

• Approve an intergovernmental transfer of a credenza and hutch from the Supreme Court’s inventory to the county’s inventory;

• Approve the termination of the declaration of emergency on April 9 for severe storms;

• Approve a travel request for emergency management officials to attend the officer-involved shooting and critical incident class in Madison from June 10-11 and to pay a $300 registration fee per student;

• Approve paying Burks-Mordecai $197,687 for work completed on a storage building project;

• Approve reappointing Larry McMillan as commissioner of Dixon VFPD effective June 1;

• Accept the resignation of Cole Arthur as commissioner and approve appointing Kim Baysinger as commissioner of Dixon VFPD to serve the remainder of the term;

• Approve Fairview VFPD’s request for a steel slag for a parking lot and around a replaced hydrant;

• Approve paying J & J Contractors $462,331 for work completed on the coliseum;

• Approve appointing Twyla Lovern as Justice Court Clerk effective May 3.

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