Sheriff launches litter awareness campaign

Sheriff launches litter awareness campaign


Sheriff Eric Clark is launching a new litter campaign aimed at raising awareness and rallying public engagement in maintaining clean roads.

“We are doing our part in cleaning up Neshoba County,” Clark said. “Growing more and more rampant is the litter problem that we face on our roadways. We need to work together to help make our county a clean and healthy place to live.”

To strengthen the campaign's impact, Clark is actively pursuing grants to fund educational literature for the schools. He also plans to involve school resource officers in spreading awareness to students.

Clark said common culprits like discarded food containers from fast-food meals are a lot of the problem and he wants to stress the importance of educating the community about the consequences of littering and the impact it has on the environment.

Through his litter campaign video posted on Facebook, Clark plans to not only raise awareness over the issue but also deter littering through the enforcement of misdemeanor violations.

Enforcing stricter penalties for littering, including citations for debris unintentionally flying out of vehicles and seeking maximum fines for each offense is part of the Sheriff's strategy to curb the chronic litter problem in Neshoba County. 

Despite ongoing efforts by inmate work crews to clean up litter across two mile and half stretches along Highway 19 North in the Arlington community and the Spring Creek community on Highway 21 North, Clark says the littering problem has continued even with significant amounts of trash collected from these areas.

To help aid in enforcement, the Sheriff's Office has deployed surveillance cameras at known dump sites and problem areas, allowing officers to catch litterers in the act.

Community involvement, including reporting incidents and providing tips, has also proven to be very beneficial in tackling the issue, Clark said. 

To encourage responsible waste disposal, Neshoba County residents are urged to utilize the county’s designated dumpsite and to secure loads with tarps or coverings when transporting trash.

Neshoba County offers a free dumpsite located near the County Barn on the Highway 15 North bypass for all residents’ convenience. 

With a firm stance on enforcement and community collaboration, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to combating littering and preserving the county’s appearance for years to come, Clark said.

“We work every day to make Neshoba County a better, clean, and safe place to raise our families in,” Clark said. “We ask that you help do your part in keeping the county clean.”

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