Runoff likely in race for Tribal Chief

Runoff likely in race for Tribal Chief


Tribal Chief Phillip Martin will likely face challenger Beasley Denson in a run-off election, unofficial returns from Tuesday's Tribal elections showed.

With eight of eight tribal communities reporting, Martin was trailing lead challenger Denson by 120 votes.

Denson had tallied 1362 votes to Martin's 1242.

However, the votes were to be recounted along with absentee ballots beginning today at 1 p.m.

Other challengers for Tribal Chief include: Linda Farve, 102; Edward Wesley, 132; Kennith York, 158; and Jesse Thomas, 94; with eight of eight communities reporting.

Chief Martin is seeking an eighth consecutive term as leader of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

To be declared Tribal Chief, a candidate must receive a majority of all the votes cast in the race, if not the two highest contenders will meet in a run-off election within 30 days.

Seven Tribal communities also elected eight council members, with Red Water having two positions to fill.

Complete but unofficial results from Tuesday night:

¥ Bogue Chitto: Rowena Alex, 43; Hayward Bell (incumbent), 51; Sammy Clemmons Jr., 104; Rexdale Henry, 31; Louie G. Morris, 47; Gerald Stoliby, 27; Hugh Stoliby, 15; Doris Ann Thompson 88; and Mark Wallace, 21.

¥ Bogue Homa: Lee Farmer, 8; Lyndell Nickey, 6; Betty J. Sutton, 37; Berdie Steve (incumbent), 66; Cecil C. Thompson, 17; and Sandra L. Willis 14.

¥ Conehatta: Roger L. Anderson, 135; Troy Chickaway (incumbent), 213; Valerie A. Jimmie, 23; Eddie L. Joe, 8; Claude Earl Johnson, 63; Pennington Johnson Sr., 22 and Elray V. King 12.

¥ Pearl River: Cyrus L. Ben, 338; Glen Billie, 14; Louis Ferris II, 12; Michele Jefferson, 5; Barry D. Jim Sr., 30; Woodlin Lewis, 111; Brian Mask, 22; Lola (McMillan) Parkerson, 197; Melba Smith, 125; Austin Tubby, 28; Leon Williams, 28; Darlene B. Willis 40; and Stella York Willis, 50.

¥ Red Water: Phyliss J. Anderson (incumbent), 241; Carlton Perry Allen, 57; Myrtle Ben, 139; Alex Billy, 38; Richard T. Isaac (incumbent), 97; Ricky Lewis 15; and Sammie Wilson Jr. 60.

¥ Standing Pine: Harrison Ben (incumbent), 201; Amon Lewis 19; and Gordon Sam, 58.

¥ Tucker: Fredrick Bell, 38; Lee R. Chickaway, 7; Ferrell Davidson, 25; Robert Dean Martin, 20; David R. Mingo, 10; Brenda Stephens, 44; Billy Thompson, 3; Mark R. Willis 91; and Dorothy Wilson (incumbent) 119.

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