Refuge Roundup raising money for ministry

Refuge Roundup raising money for ministry


The Refuge of MS ministry for adults with special needs is gearing up for its annual Refuge Roundup event at the Coliseum on March 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

More than just a fundraiser, this event serves as an opportunity to enlighten families about the diverse care options offered by The Refuge of MS for individuals with disabilities beyond their school years.

Formerly known as The Refuge Mock Rodeo, this year’s event has been renamed Refuge Roundup reflecting its welcoming and inclusive nature. 

“Last year we were rounding up a lot, whether it was getting volunteers or just rounding up friends who came,” Refuge Director Brooke Crenshaw said. “It definitely felt like a roundup in itself, but it made for a fun day. We wanted it to be a catchy name to where others can know it’s an event their child can have fun at, feel included in, and accommodate them well.”

This event is designed for individuals who are intellectually and/or physically disabled and promises a day filled with unique experiences, with a primary highlight being horse riding.

Participants from the Refuge, local schools, as well as nearby friends and families will have the chance to engage in a horse riding experience, complemented by a petting zoo, face painting, and other hands-on educational activities like the MS Children’s Science Museum. 

The petting zoo will feature an array of animals such as goats, sheep, miniature horses, a big horse, a miniature zebu cow, a miniature donkey, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. 

“We want our friends to experience riding a horse with no pressure and at their own pace,” Crenshaw said. “If they are not comfortable riding a horse, we will have some off to the side they can pet.”

The event will also host a mounted patrol unit and volunteers who are generously bringing their horses, providing the opportunity for participants to ride either solo or with assistance, using adaptive saddles for a safe and enjoyable experience.

For those in wheelchairs, the Coliseum ensures accessibility with an elevator to the packed dirt floor, and a specially designed wheelchair ramp, courtesy of East Central’s carpentry program, will help aid in getting individuals on and off horses.

“We will also utilize the arena’s first aid station as a room that individuals can use for privacy, especially if they need some care, and we will have a hoyer lift on site to allow individuals in a wheelchair to have that accessibility,” Crenshaw said. “Families and teachers are asked to bring their own hoyer lift sling.”

To register participants or volunteer, email, call Brooke Crenshaw at 601-389-8059, or visit

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