Quimby preparing for CPC fundraiser

Quimby preparing for CPC fundraiser


Lesia Quimby is the new executive director at the CPC – Pregnancy and Family Resource Center of Philadelphia as of April 1.

The CPC – Pregnancy and Family Resource Center of Philadelphia is a nonprofit organization that has been helping families for decades. The center has been opened since 1992 and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

The CPC offers to listen, encourage and equip those facing pregnancy decisions. Call (601) 656-9712 if you need assistance.

Quimby has been a counselor and peer support specialist at the center for over 10 years. She and her late husband, Ray Quimby, were married for 34 years and together they have three sons, Chase, Drew, and Joshua.

Quimby said this when asked about what the goal of the center was, “Here we really focus on just helping families with whatever it is they are dealing with and our ministry is to love and help anyone that comes to our door.”

If you are in need all you have to do is make an appointment and the center will provide counseling services, job searches, pregnancy tests, Bible studies, post abortion counseling, abstinence counseling, and anger management courses.

Everyone who comes to the center receives a free Bible. The center, which is located on Valley View Drive and is open Monday through Thursday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, will be holding their annual fundraiser this Thursday May 5th 2022 from 5 PM  to 9 PM.

This is the only fundraiser the center does and all tips go back to the center. The center invites everyone to their fundraiser. Some of the local pastors, friends, and family will be waiting tables at the following restaurants; Laredo Grill, Ronnie’s Steakhouse, City Limit’s, Bloomo Junction, and McAlister’s. If you’re not able to attend and would still like to donate you can go by the center or mail a check to CPC PO Box 251 Philadelphia MS 39350. The center’s ministry is to love people where they are in a judgement free zone.



1 (8oz) pkg. cream cheese, softened

½ cup brown sugar

¼ cup white sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

1 pkg. English toffee bits

3 medium apples cut into chunks


In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, sugars and vanilla. Fold in toffee bits. Serve with apple chunks.



6-3/4 oz Hershey Bars

23 large marshmallows

½ cup milk

16 oz. Cool Whip

Large graham cracker crust


Melt 5 ½ Hershey bars and marshmallows in ½ cup milk over low heat. Stir well and cool: fold in ½ of Cool Whip. Pour into crust. Refrigerate 4 to 5 hours or overnight and top with remaining cool whip. You can decorate pie with remaining Hershey Bar that has been grated.  



½ stick margarine 

1 c. uncooked rice

1 medium fryer, cut up

Salt to taste

1 envelope dry onion soup mix

1 can cream of mushroom or chicken soup

1 ½ cans water


Melt margarine in baking dish; cool slightly. Pour rice over margarine. Arrange salted chicken pieces over rice; sprinkle with onion soup mix. Mix soup with water. Pour over casserole. Cover TIGHTLY. Bake at 350 F for ½ hours. NOTE: I use two medium chicken breasts cut up instead of whole fryer.  

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