PU, TVA award $5K grant to Boys and Girls Club


Philadelphia Utilities recently partnered with the Tennessee Valley Authority to award $5,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Neshoba County.  In an effort to assist local communities with hardships caused by Covid 19, TVA has provided the Covid 19 Community Care Fund as an avenue for Local Power Companies in the TVA service area to apply for funds to support local service providers who are assisting those affected by Covid 19.

Kirk R. Morgan, GM, Philadelphia Utilities, said, “The Boys and Girls Club of Neshoba County is a beacon of light and hope in our community.  This organization is truly a blessing to so many families and children.  We are proud to champion and support these kids, their families, the director, and the leadership team.  It’s especially impressive when you see the cooperation between the principals, teachers, counselors, and the club staff.  Teamwork makes the dream work.”

“In the spirit of public power, we are honored to partner with local power companies to address the unprecedented challenges facing those we serve,” said Jennette Mills, TVA executive vice-president and chief external relations officer.  “TVA has a mission of service to make life better for the people of the Valley, and providing these funds to address immediate needs is one way we can help ease the burdens of families and communities.”

Dr. Travis Creel, Principal, Philadelphia Elementary School said, “I’ve often heard that giving isn’t just about making a donation, but it is about making a measurable difference.  This donation by Philadelphia Utilities and TVA is about making a difference in the lives of the students that attend the Boys and Girls Club.  This donation will surely impact our school and community in a positive way.  We are appreciative.”

“Adaptability is the key,” says Jermaine Harris, Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Neshoba County.  “Even amid this Covid crisis, we didn’t wait for the kids to get back in school to serve them.  We reached out and provided meals, virtual activities, and counseling when appropriate.  

“We are trying to meet the needs of each child and each family because we know if a child is fed, loved up, given tutoring, and given structure and discipline they are statistically more likely to remain in school and be successful.  

“Bottom line, we will continue to be on the front line with these kids.  They are our future.  They deserve our best.  Thank you, Philadelphia Utilities and TVA, for believing in us.”

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