Philadelphia issues new mask mandate

Philadelphia issues new mask mandate


A new mask mandate has been issued for Philadelphia, Mayor James A. Young has announced.

The mask mandate will be in place through the end of April, but officials will look at it again at the end of March, Young told the Democrat on Friday.

A mask mandate remains in place for Choctaw Tribal lands, Chief Cyrus Ben announced earlier in the week.

Gov. Tate Reeves this week lifted the state mask mandate.

A copy of the Philadelphia order was unavailable, but the Democrat is attempting to obtain one.

“I will review it at the end of March,” Young said.

Young said the number of COVID-19 infections is decreasing in the city and Neshoba County but now is not the time to let the mask mandate go.

“We need to let more people get vaccinated, and a mask mandate is a simple thing we can do until it is over,” Young said. “The virus is too dangerous to play with.”

Young said If some people do not adhere to the mandate, people should not argue or fight over the mandate.

“Be reasonable and respectful,” Young said.

Young said early on in the COVID-19 pandemic Neshoba County was a hot spot in the state with a high number of COVID-19 infections and he does not want to see local number spike again.

“Businesses are operating well now and the sales taxes are up,” Young said. “It is important to keep people safe and keep businesses open and wearing a mask is a simple way to do that.”

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