Philadelphia Country Club makes big improvements

Philadelphia Country Club makes big improvements


The Philadelphia Country Club has undergone remarkable change with recent renovations to enhance the experience for its members and visitors alike. 

With a commitment to excellence, the club has embraced innovations and improvements under Board President Mike Tinsley.

About two and a half years ago, the club invested $35,000 in a new tennis court, complete with state-of-the-art LED lights, added pickleball lines, and a gated enclosure. The tennis courts previously served as a parking area for the swimming pool.

The clubhouse has also seen a significant facelift, featuring a remodeled interior, a new roof, fresh paint, and enhanced landscaping. 

With an eye toward the future, there are even plans to potentially introduce a restaurant, adding to the allure of the club.

"The clubhouse is in the best shape it’s been in since it was built,” said Tinsley.

The club’s dedication to creating a memorable atmosphere is evident in the ballroom’s popularity as a wedding venue, with five weddings already booked for the year. The addition of an outdoor patio, costing $150,000 and officially completed about two months ago, has further heightened the appeal for weddings as well. 

The club recently has paid tribute to deceased members with dedicated features on the patio like a fountain in memory of Stan Webb and two fire pits in memory of Billy Gene and Helen Tolbert, all avid golf enthusiasts and longtime club members.

The club has seen a notable increase in membership, with about 60 new members in the past year and a half, bringing the total active membership to about 240.

Membership, priced at $130 per month, includes various amenities, with additional options for cart storage.

“For a small town, this is pretty awesome for what we’ve got. The course is a hidden jewel for East Mississippi,” Tinsley said. 

The golf course, boasting two freshwater lakes pumped by two wells, also offers more than just golfing opportunities. Members can enjoy fishing in the lakes, adding an extra layer of recreational fun.

“A lot of times people join just to fish,” Tinsley said. 

Country Club Superintendent Nolan Mitch has overseen a lot of the golf course’s extensive improvements over the last three years. 

Mitch’s initiatives include tackling invasive grass, updating the golf course, and improving irrigation and drainage systems, and he has introduced new sandboxes. 

“We’ve come a long way under Mike’s leadership,” Mitch said. “He brought me in, did a lot of stuff to this building, and we have grown. We want to keep growing. There’s a lot more that we will continue doing.”

Mitch said he aims to continue enhancing the greens and fairways, with ongoing projects such as tree removal for optimal grass growth.

The next goal for the club is to fix cart paths damaged by tree roots along the course. Upgrading the cart paths may include a shift from asphalt to cement, depending on the price, but this upgrade showcases the club’s commitment to providing a top-notch experience, he said.

“It’s going to be a long and slow process, but eventually we will reach our goal,” Mitch said. “I hope to leave a legacy here and an outstanding golf course. It’s my dream in the future to host some potential pro players to play out here and enjoy what I am enjoying.”

The Philadelphia Country Club is currently on a transformative journey, officials say, blending tradition with innovation for an unparalleled experience that will last for years to come. 

Board members include Tinsley, Terry Phillips, David Hayman, Johnny Hester, Trent Stribling, Brad Bounds, and Cameron Lesley.

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