Pets spend week in Neshoba County to escape hurricane


A small dog boarding and daycare in Neshoba County took in three pets from Louisiana during Hurricane Laura last week.

“I got a call from Robert Lovern saying that he had family members evacuating from the Lake Charles area, and they would be coming in late Wednesday night with three small dogs,” said Valerie Hardy, owner of the Furbabies Boarding House in the Sandtown community.

She told him Furbabies would help in any way they could, and the time of arrival didn’t matter.

Hardy said the Loverns arrived around nine o’clock, weary from storm preparations and traveling. 

“We took the furbabies in, gave them food, water, and walked them around the play yard,” she said. “Darla, the pet’s owner, said they would be staying awake at home to watch the news. We told her one thing, and it was that she didn’t have to worry about her furbabies. They were in good hands.”

Hardy noted she got a message from Lovern the next morning saying the family was okay. 

“She told me their home was fine, just a few pieces of metal fell off her dad’s barn,” she said. “There was no word on her horses or dad’s cows, but she said was up all night and prayed her babies did alright with me.”

Hardy said Lovern was very grateful for taking care of her pets. 

“She was so thankful for opening my home for them,” she said. “And this is what we do in Neshoba County. We help when we can and try and be a blessing to others.”

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