Park rehab design plans

Park rehab design plans


A conceptual master plan for Dewitt-DeWeese Memorial Park prepared for Philadelphia Main Street shows proposed changes to the park. 

The first phase of the project, which will be paid for in part with COVID-19 relief funds, began on April 17 with the removal of  pine trees. 

The conceptual plan was completed in 2020 after the placement of the Fallen Veterans Monument. 

With the trees cleared, the focus now shifts to planting new trees, shrubs, a butterfly garden, lighting, and sprinkler systems with additional amenities such as new walking trails, benches, and picnic tables. 

Existing park features like rocks on the slope, the arched entranceway, steps and walls, utility poles, sidewalks, the pavilion, and a bench with the Albert M. Latting sculpture memorial will remain but are subject to change as the project progresses.

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