Murals being painted downtown

Murals being painted downtown


Do you remember that magnificent scene in the original " Wizard of Oz" where Dorothy opens the door of her house after landing in Oz? The landscape completely changes from black and white to the most brilliant color you could ever imagine! 

Well, we have some very exciting news for our beautiful little town! 

We are going to transform our landscape with the same kind of idea. Using country music and flowers as our inspiration, we will be painting gorgeous, vibrant murals on the outside walls of various buildings downtown. The project, in fact, has already begun to bloom. 

With the help of muralists from the Meridian Museum Art Collective and local artists, we will find country songs with flower titles and lyrics, use the piece as inspiration to create art to compliment the song, then paint the oversize art in all its spectacular glory! The first one, which is presently in progress, is being painted on the side of The Porterhouse restaurant. 

We have chosen Dolly Parton's song, "Wildflowers." You may not have noticed anything yet, because the first stages are done in pencil, but be sure to begin watching, and very soon, "we won't be in Kansas anymore!" And that's just part of the fun! Come by Saturday, May 27, and they'll even give you a paint brush so that you can add your touch to the masterpiece! For more information contact Shawn Byars at 601-934-1874.

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