Just Among Friends

Just Among Friends


Citizens Bank of Philadelphia has chosen Juakita Anderson for its New Year New Employee Spotlight for January 2022.

Jakita is a teller at Citizens Northside Branch and has been with the bank for 13 years. She said that her favorite thing about working at the bank is, "Being able to put a smile my customers' faces and be a listener when they need someone to talk to."

Juakita is a remarkable person. She was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, and is still battling the disease today. She says God gives her the strength to keep fighting the battle. She is a proud survivor and will one day win her battle! Congratulations!


After 80 years an iconic business in Philadelphia is closing its doors. Gipson Cleaners owners, Danny and Regina Gipson Hicks have decided to retire and are closing its doors.

For 45 years, Danny and Regina have been a part of Gipson Cleaners, taking over from Mary Gipson, after her retirement. It is a sad event for those of us who have taken our laundry, dry cleaning and alterations to them for many years. I started with Gipson Cleaners in 1971 when we moved to Philadelphia. Mary Gipson was a wonderful person who always managed to repair and get out unimaginable spots from my clothing. (I was an elementary teacher!).

Gipson Cleaners was not only a business but an institution in Philadelphia. Someone was always available to sew on buttons, stitch up hems and alter Candler's formals and clothing. There was nothing that could not be fixed!

It is with some sadness that I see these doors close on pleasant memories of the many kind and thoughtful people whom I have come to know and like so much at Gipson Cleaners. I wish you days and years of joy and happiness, Danny and Regina, and wish the very best for both of you.


Megan McCoy and Dick Wheelock of Scottsdale, Arizona, will be married on February 19, 2022, exactly 6 years after they met.

Megan is a former Philadelphia resident who graduated from Philadelphia High School and has many family members living in the city as well as in Jackson. Her parents are the late Jim and Bobbie McCoy. She loves the Neshoba County Fair which she was so excited to attend this past summer. Megan is self-employed in Scottsdale and loves the Southwest.

Dick is a native of upstate New York but has lived in Arizona since he was 12 years old. He owns a business called, "Sprinkler World." He has 8 stores which sell irrigation products to landscapers and agriculture businesses all over Arizona. He also loves the Neshoba County Fair! Congratulations and best wishes!


Grace Dabbs graduated in December from Samford University with Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Life Science with a minor in Psychology. She graduated Magma Cum Laude with a 3.76 GPA! She was also an SEC athlete in softball while at Samford. Grace will begin pursuing her her dream at UMMC Jackson Campus in January. Her very proud parents are Dr. Andy and Jenny Hardy Dabbs. Congratulations!


Congratulations to Zach and Anna Butler who both graduated in December with master's degrees! They completed all the requirements for their graduate degrees at the same time after much hard work.

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