Just Among Friends

Just Among Friends


Cousins can be forever friends as well as first friends from childhood. A gathering of cousins was held recently which brought Joyce Hardy's cousins together for a day of fun at the Hardy's camp house on their lake. It was a beautiful setting for a party.

Joyce's aunt, Sue Fulton, who is the sole surviving sibling of six children, thought it was a great time for all of the cousins to have a reunion. She arranged the whole event and, according to Joyce, did a wonderful job. Aunt Sue will be 93 on her birthday in May, and she was excited to have a family gathering with so many family members present. 

Ben Evans was totally surprised when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him since he thought no one knew it was his actual birthday! He was so pleased. Everyone enjoyed visiting with one another, and catching up on family news There was much laughter and storytelling of long remembered days gone by. This family has many outstanding cooks among its members, so the food was fabulous! Everyone had a wonderful time!

Those enjoying the celebration were Jennifer Nance Rogers from Meridian; Ralph and Carolyn Stokes from Birmingham; Rodney and Donna Holder from Murfreesboro, Tennessee: from Jackson came Ronnie Stokes, Lucinda and Buster Jenkins: Jan and Ben Evans; from Clinton came Jenny Nance. Philadelphia guests included Skylar and Bryan Hailey: Sue Fulton: Art and Jean Fulton: Bridget and Al Fulton; Jerry and Cindi Byrd; Ann Taylor Adams; Tyler and Julianna Pope: Rivers Pope: Brinley Kate Pope: Davis Fulton; Graham Fulton; and Bobby and Joyce Hardy. It was a day filled with fun.


Philadelphia High School has the very unique distinction of having FOUR sets of twins graduating in its Class of 2021.  This is a very special occurrence in a class of its size.

The students are Kara and Owen Daly, parents are Gina Daly and Doug and Candi Daly;  Zach and Zoey Jones, parents are Byron and Chiquita Moor Jones; Kamary and Kam'bree Houston, parents are Bobby and Jennifer Houston; ad Aayanna and Janna Coleman, parents are Christ and Justin Coleman.  Congratulations to each of you!


Philadelphia High School has announced the Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the graduating class of 2021. The Valedictorian is Emma Taylor, the daughter of Mark and Amy Kilpatrick Taylor. Salutatorian is Mary Ellen Booker whose parents are Melisha Bozeman Hancock and Thomas Booker. Congratulations to each of you for earning this distinction after four years of hard work. You are to be commended for attaining your goals!


Neshoba Central High School added several new names to its NCHS ACT Wall of Excellence for those students who earned an ACT score of 30 and above.

The new Wall of Excellence Members are Christian Collins, Dylan Gomez, Mary Kate Moran, Jess Thrash, Marlee Thomas, and Jordan Turk, All are members of the Class of 2021.  Congratulations and best wishes to each one of you.


Sofia Euyoque is the recipient of a National Honor Society Scholarship. She  was selected from almost 10,000 applicants to receive a $3,200 scholarship to further her education after graduation in May. Recipients are chosen based on their demonstrated work in support of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Congratulations on this distinctive honor!


The Turquoise Place in Orange Beach was the perfect destination for a bachelorette party.  Macy Martin's bridesmaids and friends took her to this luxurious resort for a weekend getaway from Thursday through Sunday. The bride's mother, Carla Cox Martin went along for the fun!

The group enjoyed eating at Doc's Seafood Shack, Cosmo's, and Cobalt. On days when it rained, they got into the huge hot tub and on sunny days, they hit the beach wearing their festive hats. Macy’s was white with "Bride" across the front in pink and the bridesmaids wore pink with "Bridesmaid" on the front in white. Her friends wore the same style of hat in a pretty shade of green.

The girls gave Macy a bridal shower in their condo with decorations for the occasion and a sign saying, "Mama Mia, Macy's Getting Married" above the gift table. The guests played a wedding game. There was a lot of laughter, talk, exchanging news, and reminiscing during the entire weekend. 

Those having a good time were her sister, Meagan Martin Anthony, Marlee Rhodes, the groom's sister; Rebecca Prince, Ali Gray, Bailey McCarver, Macy's cousin; her good friend Cecily Price; and her mother, Carly Cox Martin. The groom's sister, Maggie Rhodes, was unable to attend due to a schedule conflict.

Macy Martin and Tanner Rhodes will be married on June 5, 2021, in the First United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, Mississippi.

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