Just Among Friends

Just Among Friends


Three seniors from Neshoba Central High School's softball team signed with Holmes Community College to play as Lady Bulldogs in the fall. Elleigh Willis, Annaleigh Jones, and Reese Page are looking forward to joining the Lady Bulldogs.  The three were outstanding members of the Rockets softball team. Congratulations!


Congratulations to the Diamond Elite 11U Black baseball team for being selected as WTOK TV's Team of the Week for November 16th. It was a nice honor for these eleven year olds.  

Hutt Rushing, #99, is a proud member of the team. He had several memorable events recently which included harvesting a deer on Tuesday, being a member of the Team of the Week, and bringing in a doe the week before. His father, TJ Rushing, and Hutt enjoy hunting together as father and son.  It is a great activity which provides many opportunities for bonding in the great outdoors!  

Both of his parents, TJ and Jill Dansby Rushing, are so proud of Hutt and so happy that they can spend time together doing something they both love.


A beautiful baby girl arrived on November 17, 2020. Emily Catherine Stephens will spend her first Thanksgiving with her very loving family who has been excitedly awaiting her debut  

She weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces of perfect sweetness!  Her very proud parents are Brad and Jordan Burt Stephens. Her Philadelphia grandparents are Mac and Adriana Burt. Congratulations!


In the fall of 2018, Sarah Alice and Annie Fulton found that their dance studio had been chosen to participate in the "World" program at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  While it was an exciting opportunity, it came with a huge price tag attached.

Their parents, Rob and Rozane Fulton, discussed and decided that it would not be a trip the whole family would enjoy since most of the time would be spent in dance rehearsals and performances by the two girls. Their Granny, Glenda Richardson, volunteered to go along and make it a big girls' trip. The girls' parents decided that the girls would have to earn part of the money. They did not specify a certain amount that needed to be earned, but left it open.

Sarah Alice and Annie are only 13 and 11 years old and were even younger when the project began. Rob and Rozane had no idea how much the girls could earn on their own. This was not a fundraiser with a limited number of items to sell, but actual work to earn money.

They spent most of November 2019, making sausage balls, about 3,500! All were hand mixed, hand rolled, flash frozen, bagged, and delivered. After the first of the year, they decided to sell cookies. Over 400 dozen "Good Cookies" were sold. Their parents were amazed!   

About halfway to having the amount needed, disaster struck in the form of "Rona," which caused a cancellation of the dance trip and the closing of Disney World. Their parents suggested they could save the money for some other future trip. If they wanted to reschedule the trip and go with their mother and Granny, that would be fine, too. They rescheduled it for the fall and planned it for the week of Granny's 70th birthday to celebrate with her in the "happiest place on earth."

From November 2019 to November 2020, Sarah Alice and Annie worked and earned enough money to buy their plane tickets, pay for their portion of the resort room, buy their theme park tickets, and pay for all of their meals, snacks, and souvenirs. Their mother and grandmother paid for their parts, but they literally split the costs four ways. The girls paid their own way entirely.  

Not only did they earn money, but the girls learned how to cooperate, work out cooking schedules, and so many other important life lessons. Sarah Alice and Annie showed so much initiative and perseverance for such young people. And, by the way, they had a marvelous time on their trip!


Masks UP! Fins Up! Gene and Pam Presley Tolbert were ready for the kick off of the Ole Miss Rebels and the South Carolina Gamecocks game in Oxford on Saturday, Nov. 14. Although Vaught Hemingway Stadium was not filled with cheering fans due to the pandemic restrictions, the Tolberts did their part to cheer the Rebels on to an exciting victory. Those of us watching from home had a good time watching as well.

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