‘Havoc’ caused at hospital

‘Havoc’ caused at hospital


A Philadelphia man faces multiple assault charges after causing havoc at Neshoba General after Philadelphia Police brought him for treatment after allegedly assaulting officers during his arrest on Robinhood Circle.

The man, Tyrone Groves, 38, 384 Jericho Street, was arrested on Thursday, May 11 at 5:15 p.m. by PPD and was charged with breaking and entering, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, fleeing, and malicious mischief. 

Sheriff Eric Clark said his office has also charged Groves with four counts of assault of medical personnel, which holds the same weight as assault of a police officer or firefighter.

Philadelphia Police Chief Eric Lyons said officers initially responded to the 200 block of Shelby Drive in Robinhood Circle on Thursday to reports of a male subject breaking down a door to a residence and destroying the home. The suspect would be identified as Groves when officers arrived.

Groves allegedly assaulted a female victim at the residence in the process of destroying the home, Lyons said. 

Officers located Groves a block away from the residence as he fled on foot. Groves resisted officers and was eventually placed in handcuffs, according to Lyons. 

The victim Groves allegedly assaulted received medical attention and was later released from the hospital. 

“We believe Groves knew the victim and initially requested a place to stay in which they denied him,” Lyons said. 

After Groves’ arrest, he was transported to Neshoba General for treatment of a wound he suffered to his head, Clark said. 

Clark said Groves caused “havoc” when he arrived at Neshoba General, having an “intense struggle” with three security guards and a male doctor. Clark said in addition to the struggle with security, Groves pinned a female hospital employee to the wall and turned over a desk.

Groves remains in jail, officials said.

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