April 16, 1943

Mrs. James Lake Roberson, Jr. is the former Miss Yvette Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Amzi Jackson Williams of Philadelphia.  Her marriage to Mr. Roberson, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Lake Roberson, Sr. of Clarksdale, was impressively solemnized Saturday, April 10, at Miami Beach, Fla. Mr. Roberson will receive his commission as a Lieut. In Army Intelligence on April 16. 


April 16, 1953

Mrs. C. H. Hays will present a speech recital Friday night, April 17, at 7:30 in the school auditorium. The recital will consist of a group of choral readings and one act plays. The public is invited to attend.      

Alvin Dwight and Sylvia Rose Dunn, children of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dunn of 1832 South Lime Street, Ocala, Fla. recently celebrated their birthday, Alvin Dwight was 6 years old Jan. 24 and Sylvia Rose was 2 years old March 17th. They are the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Dunn of Neshoba Rt. 1, and Mrs. Susie Olgetree of Ocala. 


     April 18, 1963   

Leonard Warren, commander of the local veteran of Foreign Wars Post, was named district commander at the meeting held last week in Meridian.

The Athletic Banquet for Neshoba County High School was held last Thursday night at the VFW home. Trophies were awarded to six outstanding athletes: Gary Thompson, football player with highest scholastic average; Ray Humphries, most valuable football player; Jeanette White, highest scholastic average; Carolyn Anthony, most valuable girls’ basketball player; Polan Willis, basketball player with highest scholastic average and V. L. Mott, most valuable basketball player.

April 19, 1973

Gov. Bill Waller today announced the appointment of J. Charles Williamson of Philadelphia to the Board of Trustees of Mental Institutions.                             

April 20, 1983

Mrs. Winnie Clemons, is presented with a certificate of recognition by Polly Cumberland, director of Neshoba County Welfare Department.  Mrs. Clemons was among a group of Volunteers honored by the State Welfare Department for her services.  

April 21, 1993 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Turner will celebrate their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary on May 2nd.  They will be honored with a reception in their home on Highway 486 East in Philadelphia from 2-4pm.     


April 16, 2003

Tobe Gill was recently presented a Certificate of Thanks from The Salvation Army for helping others during the Christmas Season.

Will Copeland celebrated his 91st birthday on March 10th with his sister, Torida Williams.       


April 17, 2013

Trinity Baptist Church will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on Sunday, May 5. We look forward to visiting with old friends and families.

The Neshoba Central High School Class of 1963 will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a class reunion on May 11 at the Senior Citizens Building at Northside Park.

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