JUNE 6, 1941

William Harrison Parker of Philadelphia will receive the Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee medical division in Memphis at the spring graduation. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Parker, who is planning to attend the graduation. 

Miss Margie Mulholland, M.S.C.W. and Mr. Dwight Mulhoolland, Miss. State College, daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Mulholland of Philadelphia, just received their B.S. degrees with honors. Miss Mulholland was one of 22 students out of 225 seniors at MSCW who graduated with honors. She received a Bachelors of Science in Home Economics, Cum Laude. Mr. Mulholland was one of 15 out of 101 students in the School of Agriculture who received his degree with honors.  

MAY 31, 1951

1-Sgt. Charles Rushing, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.P. rushing of the Coldwater Community arrived home from Korea, and he is the first Neshoba County resident to come back on the Rotation Plan.

Pfc. Millard and Pfc. Charles B. Chaney, brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Chaney, who lives in Philadelphia, is in active service. Charles has recently been commended for exemplary service with the 17th Inf Regiment in Korea. Millard with the US marines is stationed at Point Merger, California.

JUNE 1, 1961

Two Neshoba County friends are at basic training together in Camp Carson, Colorado. Pvt. Warren Deweese Jr., and Pvt. Frank Snow entered the service together in March of this year. Pvt. Deweese is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Deweese of the Arlington Community and Pvt. Snow is from the Stallo Community.     

JUNE 4, 1971

Mayor Allan King signs a proclamation designating June as Dairy Month, which is also observed statewide and nationally. The people present while he declares this is; R.B. White, county dairy farmer and chairman of June Dairy Month, and Joe Fulton, association county agent.

MAY 28, 1981

Therrell Myers announced today that Mrs. Nancy H. Williams has accepted the position of assistant band director for the Philadelphia city schools for the 1981-82 year. Mrs. Williams is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Hardy of Philadelphia. She attended Philadelphia schools and graduated in 1963. 

MAY 29, 1991

Winners in the championship flight of the ladies golf tournament at the Philadelphia Country Club were; Leigh Ann Perdeye and Yancy Mason, third with 79; Cathay Bailey and Rhonda Tate, first with 75; and Brenda Rhea and Sally Scott, second with 78.

MAY 30, 2001

The recipient of the Barry Neese Scholarship this year at Leake Academy is Hayley Wooten, daughter of Melvin and Yolanda Wooten of Carthage. The Barry Neese memorial Scholarship was established in the memory of Barry Neese who attended Leake Academy. The scholarship is awarded each year to a Leake Academy senior who is aspiring to achieve a degree in a health related profession. 

Thomas Tinsley, fourth grade student at Philadelphia Elementary was recognized as top SUPERKID. Thomas raised the most money in his school for the American Lung Association of Mississippi and their SUPERKIDS tobacco-education program/fundraiser. 


JUNE 1, 2011 

This cabbage plant was a school project for Macy Loper, a third grader in Mrs. Pope’s class at Neshoba Central Elementary school. She is the granddaughter of Joe and Linda Beckham. The cabbage plant weighed 15 pounds and the head of it was 13 inches across.

Margaret Rivers and grandson Bradley Rivers, both of Union, competed in Attala Bowhunters in Sallis, 3-D bow shoot. Mrs. Rivers placed first with a score of 245 (women’s bowhunter division) while Bradley placed first with a score of 250 (youth division).

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