EDITORIALS/Our liberal Legislature


Mississippi Republican legislators voted overwhelmingly to override Gov. Tate Reeves’ veto of an education bill that stripped out $28 million in teacher bonuses for high-performing school districts.

It was no accident they left out teacher bonuses! It was a calculated effort by liberal Republicans and Democrats to eliminate the teacher incentive pay program.

Holding hands with Democrats has brought us socialism, despair, racial division, rioting and destruction with Communists now on the march. In the words of one of our favorite conservatives: “Democrats must be defeated every single time.”

Here’s something you can count on: If the Parents Campaign likes it, it’s not conservative, it’s not good for kids, it’s not good for parents, and it’s sure not good for teachers.  

It is good for those who milk the education system for money and power for themselves and their cronies.  

The Parents Campaign is the best-funded and most effective liberal lobby in the state of Mississippi — period. 

The override came one week after legislative leaders sued Reeves over his partial vetoes. 

Reeves vetoed the education bill in defense of teachers and that program. 

The Legislature, following the override, then passed an appropriation bill funding the teacher bonuses. 

So, dissecting this process we can glean a lot. 

Either the Legislature purposefully left out the teacher bonuses, funneling the money into a budget for administration, or it was a “mistake” as some now claim. Thus the two faces of the Legislature. We either have legislators who believe in not rewarding good teachers and bloating administrative costs even more or we have legislators who are too inept to even process what’s going on in the first place. 

Democrats have long tried to kill the teacher bonuses so it would come as a surprise this happened under Republican leadership. Then again, politics really knows no party. 

At the end of the day, Reeves’ veto was successful. It called out the $28 million cut and forced the legislators’ hands to do the right thing and reward teachers. It also exposed some Republican lawmakers as either sneaky Democrats in disguise or inept suits who have no business at the statehouse in the first place. 

The override of Reeves’ veto was not a loss for the governor, it was a huge win in the ongoing war between the governor and the liberal Legislature that began earlier this year over which branch would appropriate federal COVID monies. 

Reeves ultimately allowed the Legislature to control the funds, and as a result, we expect the State Auditor to be very busy in the new year. The real question is how many “mistakes” are going to have to be repaid to the federal government for misappropriation at the expense of taxpayers?

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