EDITORIAL/Justice for Luh Bizzy


While as many as 20 people may have witnessed the murder of 22-year-old Xenthirues Maxfield — or Luh Bizzy as he was known on social media — at the Booker T school last Monday evening around 5:30, there were no suspects in custody a week later, an indictment of the people around this young man and a modern, woke culture that only recently was demanding justice for black lives in marches around the courthouse. Yet, they remain awkwardly silent in this instance.

Where is justice for Luh Bizzy? His life mattered. Say his name.

This modern, sick, woke culture hasn’t so far publicly encouraged or allowed anyone to speak up and bring justice for this young man. 

Civil society is — or better, has been — breaking down in our small towns and especially the cities. 

A teen killed a teen here early last year and teens a few years ago threw a dead grandmother from a moving car, yet the woke focus becomes the messenger of the sad, bad news, not the core rot and depravity that caused the deaths.

This young man — his name is Luh Bizzy, say his name — deserves justice, but it’s been a week and no woke activists have marched, protested or burned anything down chanting “no justice, no peace”  — and a cold, hard silence abounds. Why?

Where is justice for Luh Bizzy? His life mattered, too. Say his name.

Someone drove Luh to Neshoba General where he was later pronounced dead. When Philadelphia police arrived on the murder scene, the crowd scattered.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Department at 601-656-2131 or East Mississippi Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-855-485 TIPS (8477) for a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest.

To those in the scattering crowd, Luh Bizzy’s blood is on your hands if you know who the killer is — or even might be — and don’t tell police.

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