Deputies make 2 more drug busts in Tucker

Deputies make 2 more drug busts in Tucker


More arrests are expected after two men were taken into custody in the Tucker community earlier this month in connection with an ongoing drug investigation, the authorities said.

The men, Jonathan Steve and Matthew Bell, were arrested on March 7 by federal and Tribal authorities  at Steve’s home at Tucker, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Eric Lyons.

“Other arrests are expected in reference to an ongoing investigation into the sale of methamphetamine in the area,” Lyons said.

Steve, 37, 16330 Highway 19 south, was then extradited to Philadelphia Police custody and charged with three counts of sale of a controlled substance.

Bell, 34, of Highway 16 west, was transported to Lauderdale County, Tennessee, where he was charged with federal probation violations following his arrest here. 

“Once those charges are dealt with he will be extradited back to Philadelphia to answer to local charges,” Lyons said.

Locally, Lyons said he has been charged with two counts of sale of a controlled substance and three counts of conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

Lyons said he hopes to have Bell extradited to PPD custody soon.

No drugs were seized at the time the men were arrested, although Lyons said several grams of methamphetamine have been taken into evidence that the suspects have allegedly sold.

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