Cooking comes second nature for Smith

Cooking comes second nature for Smith


Dylan Brooks Smith has always loved food and is a natural when it comes to cooking. 

Smith grew up in the Spring Creek community and went to Neshoba Central and has always been surrounded by food and spent many years working in the food industry. 

He first started working at the Porterhouse in Philadelphia when he was younger as a dishwasher and within a month, he moved on to the grill. 

In 2004 he moved to Orlando and worked under a couple of chefs and managed two restaurants, Urban Flat and City Fire. 

Cooking comes second nature to Smith.

“I really didn’t have anyone teach me how to cook,” Smith said. “I just sort of taught myself how, and I’ve also taught other people how to cook as well.”

His daughter Laylah-Rose Smith is 12 years old and is already following in her father’s footsteps baking birthday cakes for all of her family members and sometimes cooking meals.

Smith said he loves to watch “Master Chef” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” which star his favorite chef Gordon Ramsey.

“My favorite thing to cook has to be steak,” Smith said. “I’ve always loved steak even as a kid.” 

Smith moved back to Philadelphia approximately eight years ago and is now a registered pest technician for Professional Pest Management.

Smith and and his girlfriend Mystie recently became engaged and are excited to be marrying.



1 pack of bacon

1 block of cream cheese

1 lb. medium shrimp (peeled and deveined)

1 pack of Hollandaise Sauce

BBQ Sauce 


Thaw shrimp. Take a slice of bacon. Lay shrimp at one end. Place a pinch of cream cheese (enough to fill center) in shrimp. Begin to roll shrimp, rotating side to side until you reach the end of the strip. Take the end and tuck inside the last layer of bacon to hold. Place in hot skillet cooking until bacon is crisp. Place on a baking sheet. Brush bacon with BBQ with sauce. Put in oven long enough to allow sauce to glaze (about 5 minutes on 350 F). While baking, prepare BBQ hollandaise. Follow directions on the hollandaise packet and add 2 Tbsp. of BBQ sauce. When you plate the shrimp, drizzle hollandaise on cooked shrimp and serve.




Cowboy Stew (Katrina Massengale)


2 lbs. Ground beef

2 Cans tomato sauce

2 Can stewed tomatoes

2 Can whole kernel corn 

2 Can diced potatoes

1 Can black beans

1 Can kidney beans

1 Diced bell pepper

1 Diced onion

3 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

Seasoning salt and pepper


Brown ground beef and drain. Add all ingredients in a stew pot or crockpot. Add seasoning salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 25 minutes. Serve with cornbread or Frito lay corn chips. 




1 ½ Cup mayonnaise

2 Tsp. Louisiana Hot Sauce

1 Tsp. Maggi Liquid Seasoning 

2 Lemons juiced

2 Tsp Salt/pepper

2/3 Cup panko mix

2 Can lump crab

1 Backfin crab

Panko Mix:

8 oz. Panko bread crumbs

2 Tbsp. Romano cheese 

1 ½ Tbsp. Parsley (Chopped)

1 Tsp. Salt/Pepper


Make your base minus the crab and panko mix. Make your panko mix. Add backfin to crab to base and mix well. Add lump crab and panko mix into base folding very gently. Patty into about 4-inch round cakes. Heat oil in a skillet. Brown cakes on both sides. Will make 14 cakes, seven servings at two cakes each. 



1 ½ lbs. of Brussels Sprouts (thaw and slice in half)

1 Pack of bacon

½ Cup chicken broth

1 Cup heavy cream

Parmesan cheese (Shredded)


Cook bacon in cast iron skillet. Once bacon is cooked to a crisp, remove and place on a napkin. Add thawed and sliced Brussels sprouts into bacon grease. Sear for about 2 minutes. Add ½ cup chicken broth. Cook on medium heat until it is absorbed. Add 1 cup of heavy cream and cook down. While waiting, crumble bacon. Once all liquids have been cooked down, add Parmesan cheese and crumbled bacon. Place in oven on 350 F for 5 minutes.

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