City announces $819K paving program

City announces $819K paving program


City streets may may ride a little more smoothly as a summer paving program gets under way.

The city plans to spend $819,411 repaving streets in all four wards using money it has received from the state. Custom Paving Inc. of Lake received the contract. Its job is to maintain traffic control, clean the streets, apply the tack coat, and haul and place asphalt at the rate of $141.59 per ton.

“We have already started with the foundation work of laying culverts and replacing the broken ones,” said Mayor James Young. “Hopefully, the paving itself will start in mid-July.

“This is the second year we have had a big paving program during the summer. Hopefully we will have one next year, based on the availability of some money coming from the state.”

Below is a ward-by-ward list of the streets that will be repaved and the tonnage that will be used;

Ward One

• Robinhood Circle entrance from Kosiusko Road to the split; 67.25 tons, $9,515;

• Robinhood Circle, right, from the split to the back road, 192.72 tons, $27,269;

• Robinhood Circle, left, from the split to the back street; 293.10 tons, $41,473;

• Robinhood Circle back street, 211.67 tons, $29,951;

• Shelby Drive (entirety), 134.74 tons, $19,065;

• Sherwood Drive (entirety), 139.24 tons, $19,702;

• Crockett Avenue, from Columbus Avenue to Myrtle Street, 727.32 tons, $102,915;

Ward Two

• Knight Street, from Williamson Road to Carla Drive, 354,17 tons, $50,115;

• Eastover Drive, from Williamson Road to Highway 16, 491.20 tons, $69,504;

• Walnut Avenue, from Center Avenue to Byrd Avenue, 43.11 tons, $6,100;

• Walnut Avenue, from Byrd Avenue to Range Avenue, 38.13, $5,395;

• Line Street, from Holland Avenue to the subdivision, 111.46 tons, $15,771;

• Terri Drive, from Golf Course to Carla Drive, 299.47ntons, $42,375;

Ward Three

• Lewis Avenue, from Gum Street to Chestnut Street, 406.44 tons, $57,511;

• Rea Street, from the railroad to Byrd Avenue, 255.52 tons, $36,156;

• West Myrtle, the short street in front of Wells Lamont loading docket, 46.06 tons, $6517;

• Dees Avenue, from Williamsville store to County Road 375, 540 tons, $76,418;

• Pearl Street, from Jerico Avenue to loop back to Jerico Avenue, 112 tons, $15,901;

• Jerico Avenue, from 4-way stop at Pearl Street ton Front Street, 105.54 tons, $14,933;

Ward Four

• A Avenue, from Adams Street to Northwest Street, 140.93 tons, $19,941;

• Ivy Street, from MLK to Carver Avenue, 153.66 tons, $21,742;

• Ivy Street, from MLK to new pavement (headed west), 148.24 tons, $20,975;

• Ivy Street, from new pavement to South Donald Avenue, 105.24 tons, $14,905;

• Carver Avenue, from Ivy Street to Adams Street, 292 tons, $41,318;

• Carver Avenue, from Adams Street to Adkins Street, 172.47 tons, $24,404; and,

• South Donald Avenue, from Ivy Street to Kayla Avenue, 208.77 tons, $29,540.

Should more monies become available, city officials say they have another list of streets they would consider paving next.

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