Check on your rural neighbors, Sheriff urges, amid major Neshoba power outages


Check on your rural neighbors, Sheriff Eric Clark is urging this evening as thousands remain without power in Neshoba County with a forecast low of 8 degrees.

“Residents of Neshoba County, please check on your neighbors,” Clark said in a social media post about 7:45 p.m. Monday.

“Many residents are without power and may have limited heating,” he said.

“We at the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office have a limited amount of staff and we need to continue serving you in a Law Enforcement capacity. Help take care of your neighbors.”

Check the Central Electric outage map.

"I’m in this area, cold, no heat, car doors frozen shut," Hailey Cole posted on the Democrat's Facebook page at about 8 p.m. "So now what? Everyone up and down our road has power besides us and a few neighbors. Does anyone know if they are still working on getting the power on or have they quit for the night?"


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