18-year-old prepping for big boxing event at Coliseum

18-year-old prepping for big boxing event at Coliseum


Eighteen-year-old Michael Lee Buffington, along with many others, will compete in the upcoming Bout Time Brawlin’ amateur boxing event at the Coliseum.

The event will be host to about 70 novice boxers vying for cash prizes and belts in December. 

“I want to prove to myself and those who have doubted me that I can do this and have something worth fighting for,” said Buffington of Decatur. “If anyone out there thinks they’re not good enough for this, hopefully, I can set an example.

“With determination and support, the sky’s the limit, and you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to.”

Excitement is building on social media and through word-of-mouth, organizers said. This traditional-style boxing tournament is being organized by Julian Childress of Its Bout Time Promotions in conjunction with the Mississippi Boxing Commission and is expected to be the largest tough-man competition in the state.

These boxing matches will include three one-minute rounds, with respective brawlers competing up to three to four times each if they advance.

So far, about 50 participants ranging from ages 18 to 45 have registered across four weight class divisions: Lightweight (up to 165 pounds), Middleweight (166 to 195 lbs), Heavyweight (196 to 230 pounds), and Super Heavyweight (231 pounds and above). 

Spots are filling up rapidly. Notably, this is the only promotion in the state featuring a Super Heavyweight division due to the high number of Heavyweight sign-ups, organizers said.

“I’ve advised everyone interested to get licensed quickly through the Mississippi Boxing Commission as tough man combatants,” Childress said. “On competition day, participants will also need to undergo a physical examination to ensure they are fit to compete.

“This will be a high-paced fast event. The lights will be going crazy, and the music will be loud. It’s going to be a packed Coliseum two nights in a row,” said Childress. “I got to give props to the Coliseum. They’ve gone above and beyond to help get this going.”

Women will also take part in the event, with three weight classes: Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight, on that Friday, Dec. 8 for up to two matches. 

New male registrants will also compete on Friday in an elimination match, with winners earning the chance to compete on Saturday night for a shot at the money. 

Women’s championship matches will be held on Saturday night as well. 

Champions in each men’s weight class will receive $1,000 in cash and a stylish belt. Female champions will receive $500 in cash and a belt, and an additional $500 will be awarded to the fighter with the best knockout of the night, making a total prize pool of $6,000 provided by the organizers.

“We want to give regular guys from off the street the chance to compete in front of their family and friends,” Childress said. “People have been jumping at this like crazy, I knew the ole country boys would come out of the woodworks. There was no doubt in my mind.”

Logan Parisi, a 23-year-old Marine turned law enforcement officer from Forest will be competing in the Middleweight division and says he didn’t join to lose. 

“I’ve always been a natural brawler,” he said. “I’m really excited about this opportunity and have been preparing extensively with bodyweight workouts and endurance training. Every punch I’ve thrown lately has been with dumbbells, and I have a longer reach than some of these shorter, stocky guys.

“Your money won’t go to waste. People have a strong passion for sports. If this becomes an annual event, people will come to Philadelphia from all over, just like during the (Neshoba County) Fair.”

For more information about the event, call Childress at (601) 408-8687, or visit the Bout Time Brawlin’ Facebook page to view regularly updated posts.

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