Philadelphia Elementary thanks first responders for support


An outpouring of support from the community was on display recently at Philadelphia Elementary as sirens wailed and a parade of police and emergency vehicles gathered to kick off the beginning of testing.

Members of Philadelphia Police and Fire Departments, Neshoba County Sheriff Department and Neshoba General Hospital ambulance personnel lined Stribling Street and led a pep rally to get the young Philly students fired up to do their best during state testing.

Between cheers of, “Rock the test!” by soon-to-be-test-takers, local leaders Jim Fulton, Guy Nowell, Leroy Clemons, Mayor James Young and superintendent Dr. Lisa Hull offered words of encouragement to do their best and reminded the students of the importance of a good education.

"It was important to me that our first-responders were here because they represent the best in our community. We appreciate the support they showed for our school,” shared Philadelphia Elementary School principal, Robert Byrd.

Third-grade students kicked off the testing season with the Reading Gate test, a test given to test reading proficiency.

Stacey Deweese, third-grade teacher and organizer of the event said, “I wanted the community to come together and support our students. Our students needed to know that everyone is behind them and cares about them. This event was a great success!”

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