Mayor Young 'took nothing for granted' winning Dem nomination

Faces Republican challenger Leo E. Renaldo June 8


Three-term Philadelphia Mayor James A. Young says he is thankful he won't have to mount a runoff campaign in the Democrat Primary.

Young on Tuesday night won the Democrat Party nomination with 53.3% of the vote to seek a fourth term. He will face Republican Leo E. Renaldo in the June 8 general election.

“We made it through the first round,” Young said. “I am thankful for my wife and niece and those who helped me. And I want to thank the voters who allowed me to win the primary and hopefully lead them for the next four years.”

Young said he took the primary challenge very seriously.

“We did it from one corner of the city to the other,” Young said. “People may know me but I didn’t take anything for granted. It is the people who speak. We were in every community.

“The work paid off and I think people’s confidence in me showed.”

Young said he will now turn his attention to the general election on June 8.

“It’s never over,” Young said. “You have to treat people right every day. You have to be respectful every day. And you have to represent the city every day, and to me, that’s campaigning every day.”

Young, who received 451 votes or 53.31% of the total 846 Democrat mayoral votes cast, secured the nomination against two other challengers, Cassie Henson Hickman and Randy Gill

Henson Hickman garnered 322 votes or 38.06%, and businessman Randy Gill got 73 votes or 8.63%.

Young faces Renaldo who received 265 votes, or 79.10%, of the 335 total Republican mayoral votes cast to earn the nomination by defeating  Robin S. Allen Sr., who got 59 votes, or 17.61%.

In total, 1,207 votes were cast in Tuesday’s Democrat and Republican primaries. Of that total, 1,161 were cast on Election Day, 46 were absentee and approximately 10 were affidavits.

Of the total vote, 847 were cast in the Democrat primary and 804 of those were cast on Election Day and 43 were absentee. The total Republican vote was 360 and 357 of those were cast on Election Day and three were absentees.

Tuesday’s results are unofficial and were to have been certified Wednesday when the absentee and affidavit ballots are counted and added to the totals.

Registration, absentee deadlines

The last day to register for the June 8 general election is May 10.

The deadline for in-person absentee voting is noon June 5 and absentee ballots returned by mail must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the municipal clerk’s office within five business days.

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