Williamsville runs out of bacon

Williamsville runs out of bacon


Williamsville is back slicing bacon this morning after a temporary supply chain shortage not seen in recent memory that one longtime customer called “unheard of.”

Sid Williams said his wife saw people posting on social media about the bacon shortage and the news was all over town by Thursday evening.

Bacon is among the most purchased items at Williamsville and the Manning brothers of NFL fame even worked in the family store slicing bacon in their youth.

“Our country is officially in deep trouble. WILLIAMS BROTHERS IS OUT OF BACON!!!!” David Jay of Union posted Thursday on Facebook with a photo of the famous store.

Friday morning the store was back to slicing bacon.

“We got it back this morning,” Williams, one of the owners of the family business. “We were out most all day yesterday.”

He said he can count on one hand over the last 45 years when that’s happened.

“It is just a shortage supply of everything. It is like we stayed out of a certain fish for two months. Stayed out of Bryan sausage for nearly six weeks. Wire and post and a lot of these things you can’t get right now.”

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