Waltman’s win narrows to 1 vote over Clemons

Waltman’s win narrows to 1 vote over Clemons


James Carson Waltman’s win narrowed to one vote over Leroy Clemons in the alderman-at-large race, election results certified Friday afternoon show.

Waltman, a Republican, beat Clemons, a Democrat, 670 to 669 after the Philadelphia Election Commission met Friday afternoon to certify results of the June 8 general election.

Clemons has said he intends to challenge the election. The other results from the June 8 municipal elections stood.

Philadelphia Municipal Election Commissioner Harold Richardson said the one vote for Leroy Clemons was the only vote that changed in certifying the results Friday.

“Leroy Clemons got one more vote, so it is a one-vote majority right now,” Richardson said. “That was the only one that changed."

Clemons said again Friday nothing had changed since his initial response and that he plans to challenge the results.

"I knew that’s what it would be going into it and it is what it is," Clemons said after the results were certified Friday. "I’m prepared to do what I have got to do now."

Clemons said he has an attorney working on the issue.

"We are just waiting to take the next step," Clemons said. "It is just whatever she decides on which direction she wants to go.  ... I just hate that it has come to this, but it is what it is and you have got to deal with what hand you are given, so that is what we are going to do."

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