Waltman wins as Clemons drops appeal

Waltman wins as Clemons drops appeal


Leroy Clemons did not appeal a judge’s decision to dismiss his 2021 alderman-at-large election challenge.

Clemons, the incumbent Democrat, lost to Republican James Waltman by one vote. Waltman’s victory was certified by the Election Commission, 670-669.

Clemons initially challenged the results claiming there were widespread irregularities and a lack of security with the ballot boxes. And he also questioned the process of how affidavit ballots were considered and disqualified.

During a hearing in May, special judge Judge Larry Roberts listened to attorneys from both sides for 3.5 hours before ruling in favor of Waltman. 

The state Supreme Court appointed Judge Roberts, a retired appellate court judge, to hear the case originally set to have been heard last fall but was delayed twice because of COVID 19.

Roberts said he found no factual evidence that would change the result of the election

“At the end of the hearing, Judge Roberts announced he was granting our motion for summary judgement,” said Meridian attorney Ronnie Walton, who represented Waltman. 

“He cited the opinion from the bench that he found there wasn’t any factual evidence that would change the result of the election.”

Clemons said this week he accepts the ruling and is ready to move on. He had until Friday to appeal the judge’s ruling.

“I look at this like a baseball coach,” Clemons said. “You can’t argue balls and strikes. You don’t have to agree with it. You learn to move on and get ready for the next play.”

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