Tip leads to arrest of alleged meth dealer


A tip ended a two-month search for a suspected meth dealer last week, the authorities said.

Charles Ellis Fanning, 47, of 16211 Road 505, was arrested and charged Wednesday afternoon on a bench warrant issued March 1 by a Neshoba County Circuit Court judge. He was also wanted for a second-offense sale of methamphetamine charge. 

 Clark said Fanning was indicted on the meth charge by a grand jury in March after the bench warrant was issued.

While serving that warrant on the tip, Clark said they arrested and charged a Kristin Brooke Burrage, 36, 10050 Road 167, for aiding and abetting Fanning in avoiding law enforcement.

“She had helped keep him from getting picked up previously,” Clark said. “She had helped conceal him.”

The Sheriff’s Office’s search ended on Wednesday, April 28 in the afternoon when the tip submitted through Crime Stoppers led deputies to 10050 County Road 167 where Fanning was arrested.

“We got a call from Crime Stoppers in Meridian because that address is on the Carthage postal route and they were not sure who needed to take the call,” Clark said. “We acted on the tip and sure enough it was accurate.”

In January 2005, Fanning was charged with possession of a controlled substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine and possession of firearms by a convicted felon, the authorities said, 

Anyone with information pertaining to a potential crime is encouraged to call East Mississippi Crime Stoppers at 1-855-485-8477.

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