Supervisors begin budgeting process

Supervisors begin budgeting process


The Board of Supervisors approved the Real and Property Assessment Rolls following a public hearing during Monday’s regular meeting.

There were no objections during the public hearing. Afterwards, supervisors approved the tax rolls.

“We got them closed out and now it is time to work on the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 budget,” said County Administrator Jeff Mayo. “We are going to have to be conservative in the way fuel costs are. All of the inflationary things, the commodities, deliveries and fuel costs, health insurance , all of those things we are going to have to be conservative.”

In other matters, supervisors voted to:

• Approve the payment of $8,777 to Elite Collision for the repair of a 2018 SUV belonging to the Sheriff’s Department that was damaged in an accident;

• Approve the acceptance of a Fiscal Year 2023 MOHS 154 Alcohol Enforcement Grant totaling $38,571;

• Accept forfeitures from July 2022 Circuit Court  term totaling $12,493 with distribution of $3,015 to the District Attorney’s Office from the forfeiture fund;

• Accept the resignation of a corrections officer from the jail;

• Approve the payment of $105,547 to Crowder Engineering for preliminary engineering work on the county’s State Aid Reseal Project;

• Accept a  Certificate of Compliance from the Mississippi Department of Revenue;

• Approve a $201 payment to Winston County as the county’s share for Sixth Chancery Court District’s office expenses;

• Approve three 16th Section leases for the Neshoba County School District;

• Approve travel vouchers for the election commissioners for the primary and runoff elections;

• Approve for Neshoba County Ambulance Enterprise to acquire one additional ambulance from the recent bid;

• Approve the removal of property from the Neshoba County Coliseum’s inventory list;

• Approve the employee payroll ending July 25 and totaling $205,419;

• Approve the elected officials payroll ending August 1 and totaling $37,033;

• Accept the Purchase Clerk’s Report for July. Supervisors also approved the claims docket and of out of order claims; and,

• Accept a $5,551 credit for the County Annex project.

Supervisors were advised the State Auditor  acknowledged receiving the Fiscal Year 2020 county audit. The audit is available on the county’ website.

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