Students learning by producing TV shows

Students learning by producing TV shows


Philadelphia students are learning valuable communications and social skills through producing their own weekly television programs titled “Tornado TV.” 

Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Lisa Hull came up with the idea. 

“‘Tornado TV’ is a good way to encourage interests in scholastic broadcasting and to provide a forum for students to share ideas, ask questions and learn about their school, teachers and community,” Hull said.

Philadelphia Elementary School and Philadelphia High School students produce the weekly newscasts for fellow students and the community in episodes of “Tornado TV” that are broadcast on the school’s YouTube and Facebook accounts. 

The Philadelphia Elementary School students who participate in “Tornado TV” are all in Katie Monday’s Gifted Program and the Philadelphia High School students are all in Josh Rushing’s creative writing and oral communications classes.

Monday and Rushing serve as the directors of “Tornado TV” and help students gather news from teachers, students and administrators.

Each weekly broadcast includes teacher and student interviews along with scholastic and sports updates.

“Students learn valuable communication and social skills,” Hull said of their participation. “‘Tornado TV’ provides interactive experiences for students that involve working with teachers, staff and other students.”

Monday said she thinks the program is great for the students.

“I love watching the students engaging in ‘Tornado TV,’” Monday said. “It is something they are very passionate about.”

“Tornado TV” is currently looking for sponsorships to help build up the school’s media center and to be able to purchase a new scoreboard to showcase student-athletes. 

Any person or business interested in sponsoring “Tornado TV” and posting an ad in weekly videos can email Katie Monday at for more information.

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