Ghost of Stallo/Burnside found


It all started about four years ago when two does ran by me. 

They were being chased by a deer that appeared to be brown and white. I was in denial of what I believed to have seen because I had never heard of such a deer. 

After researching, I found out that there is a rare genetic breed of deer called piebald. 

That is when the chase to harvest this deer began. I don’t use game cameras because I enjoy what the element of surprise hunting brings about. 

Therefore, I didn’t see “Ghost” again until last season, but he was too far away to take a shot. 

Well, my luck changed and my prayers were answered this year.

I decided to sit in the same stand where I originally saw him. Around 5:15 as I looked around I saw something in my peripheral. 

I looked and there he was, about 50 yards away, broadside, and looking right at me. 

My heart began to beat so fast and I whispered to myself, “Oh My God.” As he continued to walk toward some does I believe he was after, I slowly grabbed my rifle and put my sights on him. 

I wanted him to stop so I made a noise to get his attention. He stopped, I took the shot, and he dropped right there. 

At this point, I’m losing it! I was extremely happy! I can’t stop replaying the hunt and harvest of the buck of a lifetime in my head. 

January 14, 2021, will be a day I will never forget!

Chris Lyons of Philadelphia is an HVAC technician at Nissan of Canton.

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