Statewide mask mandate expires, Neshoba schools see most cases so far


The statewide mask mandate will expire today at 5 p.m., Gov. Tate Reeves said on Wednesday after extending an executive order to November with lighter restrictions on social distancing and capacity at live events and restaurants.

Reeves said although he wasn’t extending the mask mandate, he did say in the Wednesday afternoon press conference that, “I still believe masks work. There is a difference between being wise and being a government mandate. We have to trust the people of this country to look after themselves and to make wise decisions.”

Masks will still be required to be worn in schools and businesses such as salons and barbershops that require close contact between individuals.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Mississippi State Department of Health released for the first time a detailed look at schools and COVID-19 cases among students and faculty/staff.

For most counties, all schools from elementary through high school are itemized, but for Neshoba County the new data only show Neshoba County School District and Philadelphia High School.

As of Sept. 29, the NCSD reported 37 total positive infections in the school district among students and eight faculty/staff with infections.

Philadelphia High School is reporting only 17 positive cases among students and one to five cases among faculty/staff.

In total, 1,836 positive cases have been reported among students in the state. Classes resumed in most places in early August.

Here is the latest order.

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