Sheriff to receive 12 new Tasers

Sheriff to receive 12 new Tasers


A $43,200 bid for 12 new tasers for the Sheriff’s Department was accepted by the Board of Supervisors on Monday.

Axon Enterprise Inc of Scottsdale, Ariz. was the only bidder. Supervisors gave the go-ahead to purchase the equipment.

Supervisors had sought bids for up to three squad cars for the Sheriff’s Department but no bids were received. 

Sheriff Eric Clark was given the go-ahead to shop for the vehicles through state contract.

“Right now, there aren’t any available,” Clark said. “Look at the car dealer parking lots. The vehicles just aren’t being made right now.”

Supervisors authorized the State Aid Reseal Program. It has been approved for road construction for 32.2 miles of State Aid road at the cost of $2,555,836.

In other matters, supervisors voted to:

• Approve the annual renewal of the TotalTrack Investigation System subscription for the Sheriff’s Department at a cost of $1,528;

• Approve the PTS Solutions Annual Maintenance Contract for the jail at the cost of  $9,360.  Supervisors also approved the hiring of a full-time correctional officer for the jail;

• Approve the payment of $99,287 to Site Masters Construction for work on the County Road 236 project. Supervisors agreed to pay a Crowder Engineering invoice for $6,818 for work on the project. They also paid $12,995 for a construction change order.

• Approve applications for the 2022 state Emergency Road and Bridge Repair grants;

• Approve a request from the North Bend Volunteer Fire Department for driveway maintenance;

• Approve an order to advertise of two new county ambulances for Ambulance Enterprise run by Neshoba General;

• Approve for employees to attend the Justice Court Clerk Conference in Meridian on May 18-20 and via Zoom;

• Approve the county employee payroll ending April 18 and totaling $243,870;

• Approve the. elected officials payroll ending May 1 and  totaling $39,750;

• Approve $600 for petty cash at the Neshoba County Coliseum;

• Approve paying $8,125 to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security for its first quarter Unemployment account;

• Approve the payment of $38,760 to Matt Boatner Construction for work done on the Justice Court building;

• Approve a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the Linwood Senior Citizens Center

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