Sheriff to install license plate readers on 16

Sheriff to install license plate readers on 16


Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark said he expects to have two license plate readers installed on Highway 16 as early as the spring. The license plate readers allow law enforcement to monitor vehicles coming into and leaving the county.

Clark said he has submitted the proper requests to the Board of Supervisors and sent signed paperwork to Flock, a Georgia-based company, for two license plate readers.

Flock license plate readers offer law enforcement information about vehicles coming and going from an area. Clark said he expects the readers to cost $2,500 a year apiece with a $250 installation fee.

“These are cost-efficient and great tools for our law enforcement,” Clark said.

Based on his last conversation with a local sales rep for Flock, Clark said that they could have the readers installed and operating as early as the spring.

Clark said he wanted to place them at two locations on Highway 16 east to monitor vehicles entering the county from that road and another at the city limits to monitor vehicles coming and going from the city.

During his research, Clark talked to officials in Lauderdale and Madison counties specifically. He said that departments like Madison Police Department and Ridgeland Police Department have seen benefits from the readers.

Clark said that a Walmart in Lauderdale had installed some around their property and that he hoped to convince other local entities, whether it is the Philadelphia Police Department or neighborhoods, to look into installing some readers.

Promotional material for Flock Safety cameras says they are in use in more than 1,400 cities across 40 states, and the company works with more than 1,000 police departments. They claim they have been shown to reduce crime by up to 70%.

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