Ruthie Nash seeks election as alderman for Ward 4


The following is a paid political ad:

Dear Ward Four Voters

First I would like to thank God for what he did for me on April 27, with the victory in the primary race. I thank each one of you for your support and encouraging words. You kept the faith and you held on and you held out until the end. For the ones that did not go out to vote, I need you now ! for the one that did not vote for me, I need you now! I am an Evangelist called by God, and my mission is to help people that are in need.

My goal is to help out in my Community and my town. I am willing to work with the Board Members in our town to make our community a clean and safe place to live. I am ready to be a good Leader in our Community if it’s the Lord’s will.

I have to tell you what I have done in our Community as a good follower.

I am a member of Community in Action. A Committee that donates back to our community. We give scholarships to all schools in our town. We donate once a month to the Boys and Girls Club. We donate for the upkeep of the gym for recreation for our children. My husband and I open up our church doors for people that were addicted to drugs and alcohol. My focus for the future is to improve the community. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let’s pray together, work together and stay together. I want to be your next Alderwoman in Ward 4. Go to the poll on June 8 and vote for Ruthie (Lady) Nash! I am ready for you, and I pray you are ready for me. “Let’s focus on the future.” YES WE CAN!

Vote-Alderwoman Ruthie Nash-June 8

God Bless You!

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