Police arrest three in connection with stolen truck

Police arrest three in connection with stolen truck


Philadelphia police have made three arrests in connection with a truck reported stolen this past weekend downtown.

Maurice McMillan 37 of Philadelphia was arrested and charged with grand larceny in this case.

Chantelle Phillips, 29, and Byron McMillan, 29, both of Philadelphia, were also arrested and charged with possession of stolen property.

Philadelphia Police Chief said the vehicle, a tan 2002 Chevy Tahoe, has been recovered.

On May 18, at approximately 6 p.m., acting on a tip officers made a traffic stop on the stolen truck in the parking lot of Walmart, Lyons said. 

The vehicle was driven and occupied by two individuals who were at that time taken into custody. The two individuals were Byron McMillan and Phillips. Lyons said they were both transported to the Winston County Jail.

Maurice McMillan turned himself in later that evening following the pair’s arrest. Lyons said he is believed to be the one who stole the truck.

Officers were notified of the stolen truck on the morning of Sunday, May 15, Lyons said. 

The vehicle was parked near the Busy Bee Suites on Beacon Street at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday and later discovered stolen after 1:15 a.m. Sunday morning. 

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