PAID POLITICAL/Delana Waddell seeks election as Circuit Clerk

PAID POLITICAL/Delana Waddell seeks election as Circuit Clerk


I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for election as Neshoba County Circuit Clerk. 

I, Delana Waddell, am the daughter of the late Burl (Coster) & Doris (Eloise) Savell, and happily married to Wyatt Waddell for the past seventeen years. Wyatt currently holds the position of Coordinator of the Intervention Drug Court for the Eighth Judicial District. 

I’m also the proud mother of Jackie Moore, a teacher at Union School District. She is married to Exo (Coty) Moore IV, and together they have two children, Exo V and Laura’Li. 

I have been a Christian for over 19 years and have served at Grace Baptist Church since 2007. Volunteering to assist others in a wide array of tasks is a hobby of mine. I pride myself in being a hard worker and helper to all. I have served Neshoba County in one form or another for the majority of my adult life. I am currently a certified licensed instructor of Law and Public Safety at The Philadelphia Neshoba County Career Technical Center for East Central Community College.  

I am a certified law enforcement officer in which I hold multiple certifications, certified DARE instructor, certified School Resource Officer for eight years at the Neshoba County School District and eight years District Field Agent for MDOC, and a business owner and entrepreneur for more than twenty years. For more than sixteen years I worked closely with the Circuit Court system and gained valuable insight that will allow me to competently complete the duties of this position. 

I am asking for your consideration and vote on August 8, 2023 and I pledge to impartially uphold the duties of this position with the utmost integrity.  

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