Mt. Zion Memorial

Mt. Zion Memorial


The 58th Commemorative Memorial Service remembering three young men murdered in Neshoba County on June 21, 1964, by the Ku Klux Klan because they were in Mississippi registering blacks to vote was held on Sunday at the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church that the Klan burned on June 16, 1964, to lure to civil rights workers to Neshoba County from their headquarters in Meridian.

The church was being used as a training center to register voters.

Above, pictured singing during the service, back row, Lavada Cole, next row, Edna Steele and Deborah Butler. Next row, Jackie Spencer, Calie Rush, the little girl, and Peggie Butler. The service was a memorial to Michael Schwerner, 24, James Chaney, 21, and Andrew Goodman, 20.

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