Missing toddler found with dog near pond at 1 a.m.

Missing toddler found with dog near pond at 1 a.m.


A 2-year-old girl is safe at home after spending more than 10 hours lost in the woods Monday.

Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark said Everleigh Chunn, 2, was found on the far side of a pond roughly half a mile into the woods behind her home on Road 236 with her dog late Monday night.

The little girl had been reported missing just after 5:30 p.m. and that her parents had been looking for her for hours before that, the Sheriff said.

“She had a scratch on her neck and was dirty but otherwise was in excellent condition,” Clark said.

Clark said that the child had wandered off without shoes or a diaper and was wearing only a striped dress. He said she was not very talkative when they found her but that she did not cry. Clark said she was transported to Neshoba General for a full checkup.

“Everything was rosy,” Clark said. “She was a little sweetheart.”

Clark said his office received a call at 5:38 p.m. after the family had noticed Everleigh and her dog were missing and had been searching on their own for hours. Clark said the search concluded at 1:01 a.m.

Clark said in addition to deputies, members of the Dixon and Linwood fire departments responded to the call. He said they also received assistance from the Winston County Sheriff’s Department which in addition to manpower sent a drone capable of picking up thermal images along with a tracking dog.

Clark said the search party also included concerned neighbors and friends.

“I think this was a testament to everybody being able to work together,” Clark said. “We used all of our resources and found her.”

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