Young will roll up sleeves and 'keep working' in 4th term

Young will roll up sleeves and 'keep working' in 4th term

Incumbent alderman Fulton wins re-election, Clemons out, Tatum, Seales in

James A. Young (D) Incumbent 62% | 819 votes
For Mayor
Leo E. Renaldo (R) 38% | 504 votes
For Mayor

Philadelphia Mayor James A. Young handily won re-election to a fourth term, one incumbent alderman won re-election while another is out by two votes, complete results showed Wednesday morning.

Young, who garnered 819 votes, or 61%, to Republican challenger Republican Leo E. Renaldo’s 504 votes, or 38%, said he is ready for another four years.

“I am going to roll up my sleeves and keep working,” said Young Tuesday night. “It is a never-ending challenge to continue to do things for the community. We have a lot of projects on the burner and I am just thankful I have the opportunity to see things through. There were negative things said throughout the campaign and it fires me up to work even harder to serve this city. I am thankful for the support that this community has given me. I have said all the time that I will never let Philadelphia down.”

Incumbent Ward 2 Republican Alderman Jim Fulton won re-election to a third term with 299 votes, or 83%, defeating a challenge from Democrat Mangold Washington III with 57 votes, or 16%.

“I would like to say I appreciate my Ward 2 constituents for giving me another four years,” Fulton said. “I appreciate my opponent for running a clean campaign. We have big challenges ahead. I am looking forward to continue to lead Philadelphia in the future.”

Incumbent Democrat Alderman-at-Large Leroy Clemons appears to have lost his re-election by a two-vote margin with 668 votes, or 49%, to Republican challenger James Carson Waltman’s 670 votes, or 50%.

In a general election, it takes only a simple majority to win with no runoff. However, an unknown number of affidavit and absentee ballots could change Tuesday’s unofficial result when they are counted Wednesday morning.

In other returns in Tuesday’s Philadelphia general election, Independent Shaun Seales claimed a victory over Democrat Ruthie D. Nash in the race for the Ward 4 seat vacated by Cassie Henson who mounted an unsuccessful bid for the mayoral nomination.

Seales garnered 313 votes, or 78%, to Nash’s 87 votes, or 21%.

In the Ward 3 race, Democrat James Tatum defeated Republican Wright Griffis to win the seat vacated by Ronnie Jenkins.

Tatum got 120 votes, or 53%, to Griffis’ 103 votes, or 46%.

Republican Justin Lewis Clearman was unchallenged in filling the Ward 1 seat vacated by Joe Tullos.

Clearman got 279 votes, or 98% percent. Five write-in votes were recorded in Ward 1.


 Precinct-by-Precinct For Mayor

Mayor Young (D) Renaldo (R)
Ward 1 124 158
Ward 2 150 200
Ward 3 145 74

Ward 4

357 42
Total 819 504

Precinct-by-Precinct For Alderman-At-Large

At-Large Clemons (D) Waltman (R)
Ward 1 64 218
Ward 2 75 277
Ward 3 128 93
Ward 4 364 37
Total 662 667

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