LETTER | Attendance tracking intimidation questioned

LETTER | Attendance tracking intimidation questioned


After over 4 years of brilliant moves and great progress, it is sad and very disappointing that the Neshoba County School Board has resorted to attendance tracking intimidation of our students to enhance their State subsidies. As a result, several otherwise solid Seniors on honor rolls, are being punished by not being allowed to attend the Prom or participate in graduation ceremonies which are once-in-a-lifetime events. It seems that COVID is a valid medical excuse for absence, but all other ailments do not count. Are we really telling our students that it is “just your tough luck” if you become ill? Worse yet, do we want them to come to school with a contagious condition and infect other students and staff when a medical doctor has told them to stay home?

Even more disturbing is the recent change in policy that discontinued the option for a parent to attend a Board Meeting and speak for 3 minutes. To get on the Meeting agenda, a parent must complete a request form in person several weeks before the scheduled meeting which must be approved by the Superintendent. This is blatant censorship depriving a voice for anyone critical of the School Board. Furthermore, the meeting time was changed from 5:00 PM to 11:00 AM which intentionally excludes working parents from attending the meeting.

The real questions we should be asking are:  how do several higher rated school districts provide more services while spending less per student than Neshoba County, and why do we continue to overlook students attending Neshoba Central that do not reside in the county? The school taxes paid by their parents are going elsewhere while Neshoba bears the cost burden.

David Carter

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